UFP Trailing Arm Replacement Torsion Spindle 3500# Boat Trailer Axle Repair (36233U)


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3.5k Lubed Indexable Spindle
PN: 36233U

Spline Count is 60

This product will replace your damaged spindle; instead of replacing your entire axle, you can save some money and just bolt on this spindle and save a lot of money!

     Spindle Nut
          Nut Retainer
          Spindle Washer
          Cotter Pin
          Mounting Bolt
          Mounting Nut
          Mounting Washer

          1-3/8" Bearings (L68149)
          1-1/16" Bearings (L44649)
          1.68" x 2.56" Seal (32373)
          Up to 10-1/4" Backing Plates (Must be 4 Lug)