Universal Trailer Spare Tire Mount fits ALL 4 5 6 8 Lug Stud Wheels Carrier RV (STC-RP-K)

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Universal Spare Tire Mount
This one we build and use ourselves! 

This Spare Tire Mount is universal, it can be used to mount any trailer tire on any lug pattern wheel (except Dually wheels), whether the tire is a 4 lug, 5 lug, 6 lug, or 8 lug! 
NOT Compatible With Dually Wheels
This Listing Contains:
1 x Mounting Bracket with Tire Carrier
1 x Bracket
2 x 1/2" Stud Bolts w/Nuts

The tire mount plate is THICK HEAVY 5/16" plate!  
The plate has slots in it to fit the different lug patterns:

5x4.5" (STD. Trailer, Ford and dodge)
5x4.75" (Chevy)
5x5.0" (Big Chevy)
5x5.5" ( Big Ford and Big Dodge Truck Jeep)
And slots to fit the 6 and 8 lug wheels, 6x5.5" and 8x6.5" pattern.
will not fit Dual wheel on any tire/wheel over 5" deep.

This mount is MADE IN THE USA. It is Raw (oily) steel and should be cleaned and painted.  It has holes punch in the frame mount plate to fit any frame up to 5" tall, and includes the matching "Clamp  Plate". However, bolts to mount to the frame are not included. 

As you see below, we have examples of every bolt pattern, including 4 lug, 5 lug on a 4.5 pattern, 5 lug on a 5.5 pattern, 6 lug, and 8 lug. You could theoretically use this unbelievably convenient spare tire mount on every trailer you have, just put it on to another trailer, regardless of bolts or bolt pattern, and mount the other wheel and you're good to go! Now how awesome is that!? It basically pays for itself, especially at the low price we're selling them at! 


This mount is about 5" "Deep" allowing room for about 5" of tire "back spare" (the distance from the back side of your tire, to the back side of your wheel.  We have mounted ST235-80-R16 10 Ply tires on 8 lug wheels and it fits. The tire touches the frame, but not so much that it would tighten to the mount. 

This mount will NOT work for Dually wheels. 


The lower wheel stud hole lines up with exactly with the upper frame mount holes. (if you drill hole in your frame or trailer body, the lower lug nut will be in line with the top mount holes). If you clamp the mount to a tube frame or bumper, then the lower lug nut on your wheel will be just above the top of your frame (the top mount bolt will be "over" the top of your frame, bumper, etc. )