GENUINE Dexter Trailer Brake Drum 12x2", 1/2" Stud, 8x6.5 7000# Axle USA 8-219-4 (008-219-04-KIT)


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NEW 12"x 2" Genuine Dexter
Trailer Brake Drum, 8 Lug
With Larger Heavy Duty 1/2"-20 Studs

Part Number: 008-219-04-KIT

Fits most Dexter, ALKO, Quaility, AXXIS, and other trailer axles rated to 5200, 6000 and 7000 pounds. This is a quality, genuine Dexter drum that is made in the USA

Price is for one replacement drum. If you need more, put the number you need in the box by the BUY IT NOW button.

1- 1.25" outer bearing and races (PN#: 14125A)
1- 1.75" Inner bearing and races (PN#: 25580)
1- 2.25" Grease seal (PN#: 10-36) (axles newer than 1999)
1- 2.125" Grease Seal (PN#: 10-10) (axles older than 1999)
8 -  Lug nuts, 1/2"-20
1 - 2.71 Dust cap, with Rubber plug, for EZ lube and Standard axles

(we send two grease seals, as Some axles have 2.125"ID and some use 2.250 ID, use the one you need)

Click here to see what size axle you have

Complete Trailer Brake drum with bearings and seals,
for 5200#, 6000# and 7000# axles!

the hub has a wheel pilot of 4.77" and the hub pilot shoulder is about 5/8" tall.

ONE complete brake drum and hub assembly, includes all new bearings, seal, dust cap, for ONE wheel.


You will need TWO to change the drums on one axle. 
This auction is for ONE DRUM ONLY.