1-5x5 Dexter 5 Lug 3500# Drums with Dexter 10" Never Adjust Backing Plate Left Side (94550-B-FSA-DEX-L)


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5x5 3500# Genuine Dexter Drum with Dexter 10" Never Adjust Backing Plate (Left Side) 

Part Number: 94550-B-FSA-DEX-L


Never Adjust Backing Plates:
  • Eliminate brake adjustments
    • Brakes automatically adjust to deliver optimum performance and braking power
  • Reduce stopping distances 50 percent more than other brakes
  • Save time and money
    • Do not have to get brakes manually adjusted
  • Reduce tow vehicle brake wear
    • Proper adjustment leads to better brake efficiency
  • NOTE: nuts and lock washers are included
This Kit Includes:
1x 5x5 3500# Genuine Dexter Drum 
    (Part Number: 008-247-05)
5x Matching Lug Nuts For Drum
1x 10" Never Adjust Dexter Backing Plate Left Side

    Part Number: 023-468-00
1x L44649 (1 1/16") Bearing
1x L68149 (1 3/8") Bearing
1x 10-19 (1.719") Seal
1x 1.98 Dust Caps with dust cover

Note: We offer two different types of brake kits. Basic Kits & Complete Kits
Complete Kits are for adding brakes for the first time
Basic Kits are for adding brakes to a second axle or replacing them.  

Make sure you double check that you are ordering the right bolt pattern before you pay

If you have a 2.75" OD Tube and a Flange with 5 holes, (to bolt the brake plate to) your axle is the 7000# Axle if you have a 2.25" axle tube and has a 4 bolt flange it is the 3500# axle.If you have the smaller 1-5/8" axle tube and has the 4 bolt flange, it has the smaller 2000/2200# axle