12" Genuine Dexter Trailer Electric Backing Plate Brake 5200 6000 7000 Left Side (023-105-00)


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ONE - Left Hand Driver Side DEXTER Electric Brake 
12"x 2" inch Backing Plate 
Made in the USA

Part Number - 023-105-00


New, complete trailer brakes assemblies. Every part is included and installed! All you have to do is un-bolt your old backing plate (5 bolts) and put on the new one! 

Over the years, we have worked on THOUSANDS of trailers... and have learned that when the Brake shoes wear out, the magnet is not far behind, and should probably be replaced at the same time. We almost always replace the entire assembly, it saves times, and when you are done, your brakes WORK again!

We dont just sell them, we install them every day! If you have questions, just ASK, or give us a call 815-357-****

Please note, if you have ALKO, Dexter, Rockwell, Lippert, UFP, or almost any axle that has 12x2 brakes, and the plates is held on with Five 3/8" bolts, this brake can be installed!

These are direct USA Made Replacement for common 12x2 Brakes used on 5200, 6000 and 7000# Axles, and will fit almost all brands of axles.