5 Pack of 1/2"-20 x 2" x 0.545" Knurl Press-In Trailer Wheel Stud Boat Hub (007-246-01-LOTOF5)


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R and P Carriages 270 E Jackson St Seneca IL 61360

5 PACK OF 1/2"-20 x 2" Press-In Trailer Wheel Stud
PN: LB2.0 or 7-246-01
(This is for FIVE studs)

If your Studs are rusted so bad you can't use them, they were stripped or broken during maintenance, you can go ahead and pop these studs in as long as there are 20 threads counted in a inch (1/2"-20) and 1/*2" dia, and it measures the same lengths as listed below

Features & Specifications:

Finish:  Zinc Finish

Wheel Stud Overall Length: 2"

Thread Length: 1.2"

Insert Length: 1/2"

Knurl Diameter: .545"