Dump Trailer Wireless Remote Control System 12 volt Hydraulic Lift Winch Tilt (RCS08)

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Wireless Remote Control System
Part#: RCS08
ALT Part#: G3-H01

Control your Dump Trailer  from 50-100 feet away!
(or from the front seat of your truck!) 

Raise and lower your application from 50-100 feet away or even while staying inside your vehicle! This remote is a life saver for those less mobile customers, and for the ones that simply love the convenience!

Simply hold down a button on the key fob and let the remote control operate your existing 12-volt dc hydraulic pump. Now there is no need to be restricted to one area to operate your application.

This convenient wireless system lets you move around and monitor the area while operating your application. This is a safe one person operation and contains an on/off switch on the top of the receiver box.

This system is also engineered so you can continue to use the tethered remote that came with your hydraulic pump. Although, after you use the wireless controller we bet you never use the tethered remote again!

-Real Commercial Quality- Built Specially for use on CONSTRUCTION equipment
- Encased in Solid Epoxy-weather proof for HARSH conditions!
USA made, built for Years of use!
- Just hold down a button! 
- Up/Down Back-Up Switches on both box and remote
- Safe, one-person operation- Now you can stand where you can see, but at a safe distance!
-Easy Mounting Tabs    
- On/Off Switch located on the box. 
- You can still use your manual tethered remote that came with your trailer! 
 - Universal and economical, 
- Installation time is 10-15 minutes.   (ONLY 5 TERMINALS!!) Comes with instructions written in the USA!

This remote control system operates one 12-volt dc application (single or dual valve). Many customers are installing this remote control on their hydraulic pump to operate their dump trailers, trailer jacks, boat lifts, snow plows and many more!

customer review:
Dear randpcarriages,

Wanted to tell you I really like the remote. Works perfectly from quite a distance and also inside the cab of my truck.

- ***059richardb