Light Density Vinyl Foam Tape #30 1" x .375" x 30' for Trailer Truck RV Heating (TPV710616)


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Light Density Vinyl Foam Tape #30 .375" x 1" x 30' for Trailer Truck RV Heating
Part Number: TPV710616

Series TPV7100 and TPA6100 general purpose foam tapes are light
density closed-cell Polyvinyl Chloride product, cast-on 7 mil clay coated
paper, manufactured for use as a positive seal for irregular surfaces
and/or for creating a tight seal on radius curve applications. This light
density foam compresses easily and offers comformability, strength and
resilience. It also offers excellent resistance to oxidation, weather and

Physical Properties
Density and Hardness: 7 lbs./cu.ft./14 (shore 00) 
Compression Deflection: .8 psi @ 25% 
Compression Set: 4 @ 25% 
Tensile Strength: 25 psi. 
Elongation Percent: 150 
Thermal Conductivity: 0.27 (k factor)
Service Temperature: -40 to 180 
Application Temperature: 50 to 110