Replacement 2.25" Round Spindle #42 Flanged 7000# Dexter ALKO Axis Trailer Axle (SP-22542F-KIT)


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#42 2.25" Flanged Spindle fits Dexter ALKO Axis Trailer Axle 

Part Number: SP-22542F-KIT 

Listing Includes:
1) 2.25" Non Lubed Spindle Flanged for 7k axles 
1) Round Washer - SW1000
1) Castle Nut - 006-001-00
1) Cotter Pin - 165649

This listing is for a trailer axle spindle, used on 7000# axles. Use this to build your own axle, or any application where you need a heavy duty spindle. This spindle has a replaceable stainless steel wear sleeve.

 The spindle is standard 1" threads, 14125A (1.25") outer bearing (not included), 25580 (1.75") inner bearing (not included), and 2.25" (10-36) common grease seals (not included). This is a spindle found on many 5200#, 6000# and 7000# axles. 

Compare to Redneck R50642 with a 3.37" shaft. Uses standard 5 Bolt Mounting 12x2 Brakes

The end of the spindle (that you would weld to) is 2.25" diameter

Price is for ONE spindle, if you need 2 or more, just put the number you need in the box next to the "buy it now" button. Pay shipping on one spindle only, free shipping on extra spindles ordered at the same time.