Tow Ready 1999-2001 Ford Super Duty 7-way Adapter Upgrade OEM Replacement (118243)

Tow Ready

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Tow Ready 1999-2001 Ford Super Duty 7-Way OEM Replacement Harness
Part#: 118243

This OEM replacement harness is a great addition to any ford truck with easy to install instructions.

This adapter fits the following vehicles:
-1999-2001 Ford Super Duty Pickups
-F-250 through F-550

  • Plug and Play T-harnesses to connect to vehicle wiring
  • Trailer wiring connectors, for both truck and trailer
  • 4- 5- 6- and 7-pin trailer connectors
  • Adapters for almost any permutation of mismatched connectors
  • Premade trailer harnesses
  • 2-wire to 3-wire lighting adapters for vehicles with separate turn and brake indicators
  • Power modules and converters to avoid overtaxing vehicle circuits on PWM or multiplexed systems requiring 2, 3 or 4 wire hookup